10-month Old Baby Diet

10-month Old Baby DietNow that Arya can eat lots of different foods we have more option when planning her 10-month old baby diet.

As babies get older they require a diet more varied than just breast milk or formula.

But since our baby still only has a few teeth, we have to make sure that she is able to handle new foods without being in danger of choking.

Even though ten-month old babies can eat mostly the same foods as adults, there are two foods that babies should not eat. Honey presents a risk of infant botulism and 10-month old digestive systems are not yet able to handle cow milk. As long as we don’t feed her milk or honey, Arya can eat the same diet as us.

We have settled on a consistent diet for our ten-month old baby.

Every morning Arya gets a small bowl filled with cereal. Although we have tried different types of baby cereal over the months, she now prefers Joe’s O’s — the Trader Joe’s version of Cheerios — every day. She can grab the O’s and feed herself, but we also give her pieces of cut fruit during breakfast. So far Arya has enjoyed eating all kinds of fruit. For now, bananas are her favorite.

Throughout the morning Arya drinks a few 5-ounce bottles of formula while slowly eating her fruits and cereal. Since she likes to feed herself it can take several hours for her to get full on the tiny pieces of cereal and fruit.

For lunch Arya now likes eating whatever Mommy and Daddy are eating. As she still doesn’t have any molars we have to plan our lunches with baby in mind. As long as we can cut the food into small pieces or we eat food that can be softened in water, Arya can enjoy the same meal as her parents. Sandwiches are a good choice since she can eat tiny pieces of the bread, meat, and cheese. We also rotate in pasta with light sauce, cooked vegetables, chopped salads, and a variety of leftovers based on previous night dinners.

Now that baby has a consistent nap schedule, she falls asleep every day after lunch. Her next feeding doesn’t start for a few hours after she goes to sleep since she likes drinking a bottle of milk before taking a nap.

Arya’s dinner is far more varied than her other meals since she just eats whatever we decide to have for dinner. So long as we stay away from honey and cow milk she can eat anything that we eat as long as it is cut into small enough pieces for her to chew with her gums.

Because 10-month old babies can eat lots of different food it is much easier to create a meal plan. With the two notable exceptions of honey and cow milk, most ten-month olds can simply join the rest of the family and eat the same food as everyone else.

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