The Illusion of Privacy

The Illusion of Privacy - First LetterIn addition to previous thoughts [see Child Abduction Statistics] on my decision to blog openly, I had a conversation with a friend regarding whether to use an online-only nickname when referring to my wife or daughter on a public blog. While our friend [who, ironically given the contents of this post, will remain nameless] brought up some thoughtful points, my wife and I are quite clear that blogging is fine as long as it doesn’t compromise our daughter’s safety or embarrass anyone other than me.
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What Is SIDS?

Dozens of pregnancy and baby books warned us about potential hazards to our coming baby. While most of the life-threatening conditions are out of our immediate control, there is one threat which terrifies us. Any discussion of dangers to a new baby always mentions the threat of SIDS.

What is SIDS?

SIDS is the acronym for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, formally defined by the Centers for Disease Control as:
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Easiest Way to Fold Shirts

Easiest Way to Fold ShirtsSince I’m now responsible for laundry and organizing clothing, I was happy to learn the easiest way to fold shirts.

My wife and I both wear lots of t-shirts around the house and with summer approaching we’ll be wearing more shirts outdoors as well.

Our closet space is limited so most casual shirts need to be folded and placed in a drawer to reserve closet space for dressier clothing.

With shirts now comprising a quarter of each load of laundry, saving a few seconds with each shirts adds up to several minutes per load.

The explanation is in Japanese, but the video shows a step-by-step process to fold each shirt in a few seconds.

Easiest Way to Peel Garlic

Saveur, a cooking website, has a video on the easiest way to peel garlic that I have ever seen. The chef in the video takes less than 10 seconds to peel an entire head of garlic.

Even better, he doesn’t have to use his hands or fingernails. I hate getting the semi-permanent garlic smell on my fingers and this method of peeling garlic is the best I have ever seen.