What Does Popo Mean?

What Does Popo MeanIn the United States “popo” can mean a slang for police officer.

However, Popo (婆婆) is also the Chinese word for grandmother.

Thus the term Popo is the default name for grandmother for Chinese-speaking households.

In the U.S., that definition would rarely be encountered outside of Chinese families except for its use in the book Lon Po Po by Ed Young. Lon Po Po won the 1990 Caledcott Medal as the best illustrated children’s book of the year and is a twist on the classic tale of Red Riding Hood.

Although popo can be used to mean the generic word “grandmother”, many families (particularly English-speaking ones) use the term to refer to one specific grandmother while using “grandma” to refer to the other one.

In the case of our family, Popo is everyone’s name for Arya’s maternal grandmother.

Can Babies Taste?

Can Babies TasteI accidentally dripped a drop of my baby’s vitamin on my hand this afternoon. Mommy wasn’t around to scold me so I used the most convenient method of cleaning up: I licked it.

Surprisingly, my newborn’s vitamin had a sweet taste. I could definitely taste the sweetness in even a single spilled drop. Since I could taste the sweet flavor, I wondered if my daughter could as well. I was curious to know the answer to: can babies taste?
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Universal Newborn Hearing Screening

Universal Newborn Hearing Screening - Baby FlunkedUniversal Newborn Hearing Screening is the term for state public health programs which test every newborn baby for hearing loss. All screening take place prior to initial discharge from the hospital.

A highly-cited article in the Journal of the American Medical Association [full-text pdf] provides the best discussion of the Universal Newborn Hearing Screening programs.
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When Should I Brush My Baby’s Teeth?

When Should I Brush My Baby's TeethHaving a wife in dental school means our family is especially concerned with our baby’s oral hygiene.

Even though our ten-day old baby will not have teeth for months, we want to make sure that she develops healthy habits. If we get her used to brushing her teeth at a young age she will be more likely to continue to brush her own teeth as she gets older.

To make sure we got her on the right track towards healthy teeth and gums, I wanted to know the answer to the question: when should I brush my baby’s teeth?
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Good Hospital Food

Good Hospital Food - AppetizerI’ve been lucky enough to avoid hospitals most of my life and the two days following the birth of my baby daughter were the first time I spent the night in a hospital room. I was delighted at being able to carry my daughter, Arya, for the first time and I have high praise for the healthcare provided by the doctors and nurses.

However, the highlight of our time in the hospital was the good hospital food provided throughout my wife’s stay.
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Don’t Steal a Baby

Don't Steal a Baby - NewbornAfter our daughter Arya survived her tough birth, my wife and I were hesitant to let our newborn out of our sight. Thankfully our baby was healthy and the medical staff performed only limited procedures on her before my wife and I got to hold her.

We were still concerned about someone kidnapping our daughter since dozens of patients and hundreds of staff and visitors had access to the baby wards. The nursing staff assuaged our fears by explaining why it would be hard to steal a baby from the hospital.
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Why I Admire Registered Nurses

Since I have been fortunate enough to have had limited experience with the health care system before my daughter’s birth, I knew very little of what to expect from the registered nurses assigned to care for us during our time at the hospital.
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What Does It Mean When Your Water Breaks?

The phrase “water breaks” is the common description for the medical term “rupture of membranes“. So the answer to the question – what does it mean when your water breaks — is that your amniotic sac has ruptured and amniotic fluid is leaking from your body.

Although research on the role of amniotic fluid is still ongoing, a well-cited 2005 research article notes that:

“Amniotic fluid is a wonderfully complex and unique body fluid that nourishes and protects the fetus. Just as breast milk is the optimum beverage for the newborn, amniotic fluid is the ideal, germ-free bath, cushion and liquor for the fetus.”
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Bathing a Newborn

Bathing a NewbornToday we gave our six-day old baby a bath. Bathing a newborn was the most stressful experience I have had since my daughter was born.

We were paranoid about our newborn drowning in water. We were terrified that water would get into her cord stump. We were scared that the water would be too hot or too cold.

My wife and I both wanted to use a small washcloth for use in bathing our newborn rather than dipping her in water.
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When Can a Newborn Go Outside?

When Can a Newborn Go Outside - Covered StrollerFollowing our daughter Arya’s difficult birth, my wife and I were exhausted when we got home from the hospital. We spent the first 24 hours at home just trying to survive life with our newborn. By the third day things had calmed down enough for us to consider taking our newborn outdoors. With conflicting information from different baby books, it was hard to find the answer to our question: when can a newborn go outside?
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