Two Pregnant Women With the Same Name

During my daughter’s difficult delivery I was shocked at the paper system of medical records used by an otherwise modern hospital. After my wife and I arrived in the Labor, Delivery, and Recovery unit, the on-call obstetric resident took more than 30 minutes and two trips to find my wife’s medical records. The delay was partially due to my wife sharing the same first and last name with another patient served by the same OB/GYN practice.
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Baby Scratch Mittens

Baby Scratch Mittens - Scratching Her FaceOur three day old daughter, Arya, has a bad habit of scratching herself whenever she trashes around. We never noticed at the hospital because she was always swaddled in a blanket. Since we’ve gotten home we’ve been unwrapping our baby whenever she is awake and as soon as she gets hungry she proceeds to flail her arms towards her face.
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Newborn Hearing Screening

Newborn Hearing Screening - Sleeping Before ScreeningMy daughter received a standard newborn hearing screening during our stay in the hospital following her birth. The man who performed the screening had to come to our room three times to find time when we weren’t otherwise occupied by doctors or nurses.

Since my daughter Arya had a difficult delivery, our hospital room was frequently occupied by medical staff during the two days of postpartum stay. I’m not sure why the hospital doesn’t have a master schedule for each patient rather than relying on random luck.
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Baby Head Injury From Vacuum Extractor

Baby Head Injury From Vacuum ExtractorThanks to her traumatic birth, Arya has a head injury from the vacuum extractor. Within a few minutes after her birth a pediatric neurologist was inspecting her in the delivery room.

The neurologist didn’t seem too concerned after his initial inspection of her skull. Nevertheless, he agreed to check on her and came by our room this morning to do a follow-up.
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Arya’s Difficult Delivery

After 30 hours of labor and 6 hours of pushing, my wife and I were delighted to welcome our daughter Arya into the world this morning. Despite the volume of books on labor and delivery we read over the past months, we were still unprepared for the stress and complications involved in our baby’s birth.

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Newborn Sleep Safety

Newborn Sleep SafetyNewborn sleep safety is critical for new parents. While we were still in the hospital after my daughter was born the medical staff stressed the importance of safe sleeping habits.

Unsafe sleeping conditions is a prime contributor to death from SIDS. SIDS is the leading cause of death for babies between one-month and one-year old. To protect our daughter from SIDS my wife and I were determined to learn about newborn sleep safety.
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What Is Group B Strep?

Group B Strep is shorthand for Group B Streptococcus, a bacteria which can cause a life threatening infection in newborn babies. The infection, called Group B streptococcal septicemia, largely strikes newborns as they exit the birth canal of infected mothers. A smaller group of newborns contracts Group B Strep between 7 to 90 days after delivery.

Doctors are particularly concerned about women who are carriers of Group B Streptococcal bacteria or women who have not been tested for Group B Strep. Although Group B Strep is not harmful to adults or children, the bacteria is dangerous for very dangerous for newborn babies. As a result, hospitals will provide mothers with an antibiotic prior to delivery to provide protection for the newborn.

The relevant answer to the question — what is group b strep — is that it is something all pregnant women should get tested for prior to labor. The March of Dimes states that one in four women are positive carriers for Group B Strep and affected mothers may not show any symptoms. Group B Strep may also be dangerous for older patients and patients with serious diseases. Healthy children and healthy adults do not need to worry about group b strep.

Baby Vaccination Schedule

Baby Vaccination Schedule - Sleeping BabyThe U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention releases a comprehensive vaccination schedule from birth to age 18. Since the comprehensive schedule is four pages long and written in small font, the CDC also provides specialized schedules for specific age groups.

The baby vaccination schedule ranges from birth to age 6 and includes all recommended vaccinations for persons in the United States. A copy of the baby vaccination schedule from the CDC is reproduced below.
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Well Baby Check-up Schedule

In preparation for my daughter’s birth I looked up information on the standard well baby check-up schedule. The timing of pediatric visits is especially important for our baby because our family is highly likely to move next year once my wife graduates from dental school. Organizing our pediatrician’s visits based on the well baby check-up schedule will ensure that our baby doesn’t miss any vaccinations or recommended doctors appointments.
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Can Visitors See a Newborn Baby in the Hospital

Can Visitors See a Newborn Baby in the HospitalWith my daughter’s due date arriving soon, my wife and I are still unsure if visitors could see our newborn baby in the hospital. We both have limited experience with visiting newborns and neither of us is familiar with the policies of Tufts Medical Center where we plan to have our baby.

We live across the street from the hospital and my wife’s dental school is connected to the hospital complex itself. We are not worried about the possibility of delivering elsewhere. So we can find information about the hospital visitor policy in advance.
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