My Baby Won’t Stop Crying

My Baby Won't Stop Crying - CryingMy baby wouldn’t stop crying all afternoon. She was fine in the morning, but around noon my daughter Arya became irritable and refused to eat or sleep.

Carrying her usually calms her down, but she cried even while being carried and comforted.

While my daughter has been fussy on occasion over the past month, I’ve been able to get her to stop crying right away. Today was the first time she refused to stop crying no matter what I tried.
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One Month Visit to the Pediatrician

One Month Visit to the Pediatrician - ClothesArya had her one month visit to the pediatrician this afternoon.

The one month doctor’s visit is a standard appointment according to the well baby check-up schedule.

During the visit my daughter was also scheduled to receive her second vaccination based on the standard baby vaccination schedule.
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Baby’s Dry Forehead

Baby's Dry ForeheadOur baby has a dry forehead which is causing her skin to flake and peel.

The problem started when our daughter, Arya, was three weeks old and has gotten worse in the past week.

Arya’s forehead is drier than the rest of her face and the skin on her forehead is coming off in white, patchy layers.
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Baby Poop Explosion

Baby Poop ExplosionI have been meaning to improve my diaper changing process since the last time my baby pooped on me. I haven’t found the time to develop a better system.

As a result, we are still using the same makeshift diaper station on the edge of our couch.

While changing my daughter Arya’s diaper this afternoon she produced a huge baby poop explosion that flung baby poop onto the floor and halfway across the living room table.
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Babies and Outdoor Allergies

We will try to expose our daughter Arya to as many allergens as possible while she is a baby to reduce the chances that she will develop allergies later in life. Both my wife and I have allergies and I had a pounding sinus headache today thanks to the “very high” pollen alert throughout Boston.

Although I can control my allergies with over-the-counter allergy medication, sinus headaches make me a lot less patient with my daughter Arya when she cries.

The combination of feeling guilty about being impatient with my baby and my pounding allergy headache make me want to just go to bed. Unfortunately, my headache seems to get worse whenever my baby is screaming.
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Our Family Picture Battle – Month One

My wife and I have an ongoing battle over who can take the best pictures of our baby. Whenever friends or family members compliment a particularly cute picture of our daughter Arya, both of us immediately look to see which picture they are praising.

Whereas some parents might simply look at the picture to share in the moment, we are equally likely to be looking to see which one of us took the picture.
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Expected Family Contribution in Financial Aid

While looking at options of how to save for college for my baby, I kept encountering the concept of “Expected Family Contribution” or EFC in regards to college financial aid. Since the EFC is a critical component of planning for the cost of college education, I analyzed the Expected Family Contribution in depth.

The basic purpose of the EFC is to distribute federally-subsidized financial aid for higher education to students who need it in order to attend college. In other words, if it worked properly, the EFC would ensure that no student was denied access to some form of higher education regardless of family financial situation.

The EFC does not appear to achieve that goal.
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One Month Old Baby Arya

Today baby Arya is one month old! She isn’t too happy about her new outfit.

One Month Old Baby Arya

Is It Too Hot For My Baby To Go Outdoors?

Is It Too Hot For My Baby To Go OutdoorsWith temperatures reaching the mid 80s this afternoon we were concerned it was too hot for our baby to go outdoors. However, since today, April 16, is Patriot’s Day, we wanted to take Arya outside to experience her first Boston Marathon.

We assumed using our system for protecting her from the sun and staying in the shade would be sufficient even during a hot day, but after needing to take a short break in an air conditioned building since Arya was getting hot, I decided to better understand when it is too hot for my baby to go outdoors.
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Baby Babinski Reflex

Baby Babinski ReflexThe Babinski reflex is a foot reaction found in all normal babies which disappears as the infant gets older.

The Bainski reflex happens when the sole of a baby’s foot is stroked. The baby’s big toe will move up and the other toes will fan out. Adults have the opposite reaction whereby their toes will curl downward.

We wanted to test our baby’s Babinski reflex because an abnormal reflex can be a sign of a developmental disorder.
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