The End of Brain, Child

Brain, Child magazine just announced the summer 2012 issue will be its last. The magazine was always a niche publication with an estimated 2008 circulation of 36,000.

In their announcement, the editors (and publishers) Jennifer Niesslein and Stephanie Wilkinson cite usual suspects of the tough environment for print publications, high fixed costs, and the competition from free sources as reasons for Brain, Child’s demise.
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Black on White by Tana Hoban – Baby Book Review

Black on White by Tana Hoban - Baby Book Review - Front CoverMy daughter loves staring at contrasting patterns like our painted wall or the ceiling. So when we found a book comprised of just high-contrast images, my wife and I knew that our baby would love it.

Black on White by Tana Hoban is the most basic baby book I have ever read. Black on White has no words. That is the main reason my 10-week old daughter Arya loves it.
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Baby Push-ups

Baby Push-upsArya passed another baby milestone this week.

Despite lots of complaining, she managed to do her first baby push-ups.

Our daughter hated tummy time for the past two months. Now that she has learned how to hold her head and neck off the ground she actually enjoys being on her tummy for up to a minute at a time.
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My Baby Stares at the Ceiling

My Baby Stares at the CeilingMy 10-week old daughter has an unusual hobby. She loves to stare at the ceiling.

My baby stares at the ceiling several times each night. She especially likes the ceiling just before going to bed.

Since Arya makes eye contact, can track objects, and has a social smile. She also likes looking at pretty flowers, bright colors, and close-up patterns. Those behaviors are normal so we doubt she has any vision problems. It’s just odd that she keeps looking up at the ceiling.
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Boston Photowalk With Baby

Boston Photowalk With Baby - PaparazziOver Memorial Day weekend Arya tagged along on a photowalk through the streets of Boston. The photowalk was an informal gathering led by a fantastic photographer.

My wife and I wanted to go on the Boston photowalk with our baby to expose Arya to different parts of the city and try to learn from real photographers.
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Memorial Day at Boston Common

Memorial Day at Boston Common - On Tummy By FlagsArya spent Memorial Day at Boston Common. Every Memorial Day weekend the Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund sponsors the placement of American flags at Boston Common.

The Flag Garden is located on the opposite side of the hill from the Frog Pond and faces the Boston Public Garden. Boston Common was crowded with tourists on this Memorial Day. Like us, most were looking to spend some time in front of the garden of American flags.
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Taking Baby to Arnold Arboretum

Taking Baby to Arnold ArboretumMy wife and I took our baby to Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain over the weekend. Our daughter Arya enjoys going to the park near our apartment. We figured she might like spending a day at a huge park.

Taking baby to Arnold Arboretum was a lot of work. The Arboretum is a short walk from the Forest Hills Station at the end of the MBTA Orange Line Station. Getting to Forest Hills takes us 25 minutes on the T and we were expecting a repeat of baby’s first subway ride.

Thankfully, Arya’s second subway ride was uneventful and we managed to get to the station without incident. The walk to the Arnold Arboretum Visitor’s Center in the Hunnewell Building was far more difficult.
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Feeding Baby in a Restaurant

Feeding Baby in a RestaurantWe stopped to eat at a sandwich shop in the middle of taking baby to the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain. My wife and I enjoyed our sandwiches and we also learned more about feeding baby in a restaurant.

Mommy planned to breastfeed baby throughout the afternoon. Breastfeeding in the park was no problem, but it was hard to find a way to breastfeed in the restaurant.
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Baby Grasping Her Toy

Baby Grasping Her ToyThis afternoon baby Arya learned a new skill. She can now grasp one of her toys!

In the past few weeks our 10-week old has been batting at objects and swiping at her toys. Today was the first time she consciously grasped her ball and lifted it up. Baby grasping her toy is a minor stage in normal infant development, but our family was thrilled that Arya can now grasp objects.
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My Baby Sleeps on the Sofa

My Baby Sleeps on the SofaWhile my 10-week old still loves sleeping her stroller when we go outside, she has now taken to sleeping on the couch whenever she naps at home.

It’s fine that my baby sleeps on the sofa when she wants to take a nap. Unfortunately she never wants to sleep in her crib.
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