My Baby Can’t Fall Asleep

My Baby Can't Fall AsleepMy nine-week old daughter has developed a distressing habit. My baby can’t fall asleep.

My daughter, Arya, has started her own sleeping schedule in the past few weeks since Mommy has gone back to the clinic. We think that my wife’s schedule has forced our baby to develop a schedule of her own. Unfortunately part of my baby’s new schedule involves not being able to fall asleep.
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Taking Baby to the Park

Taking Baby to the ParkArya and I enjoyed this afternoon at the park. With perfect 70 degree weather and the Boston Public Garden only a few minutes away, taking baby to the park was an easy call.

I have pushed Arya through the park many times. Our normal walk to the grocery store takes us through the heart of both Boston Common and the Boston Public Garden. Today was the first time we specifically stopped to spend time in the park itself.
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Do Babies Hate Perfume?

Do Babies Hate Perfume - CryingOne of our friends got to hold an awake Arya for the first time this afternoon. While our friend had the chance to see our baby before today, our daughter had always been sleeping on previous occasions.

As soon as she held Arya, our nine-week old baby started crying. Since Arya likes when people carry her and particularly likes women carrying her, I was surprised to see her uncomfortable. After some experimentation, I finally came up with a hypothesis.
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Giving Baby a Bath

Giving Baby a BathMommy gave Arya a bath this weekend. Baby has a dry forehead and we have tried to limit her number of baths as we suspect bathing is contributing to our baby’s skin conditions.

Giving baby a bath can either be very stressful or quite relaxing depending on Arya’s temperament. Thankfully she enjoyed bath time on this occasion and was relaxed and playful in her baby bath tub.
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Taking Baby to Graduation

Taking Baby to Graduation - Getting DressedToday was graduation day for the 2012 class of my wife’s dental school. One of the graduating seniors and his girlfriend had given Arya a pretty dress and we planned on taking baby to graduation to thank them and see some of our other friends.

Arya really enjoyed getting dressed up to go out. In addition to her pretty blue dress, our baby wore a cute white headband with red bow and matching white socks. Anticipating a pleasant afternoon with plenty of extra time, I packed two books and snacks for Mommy and Daddy with the mountain of baby stuff in the stroller.
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Baby’s First Subway Ride

Baby's First Subway RideWe don’t own a car and Arya had never ridden any vehicle other than her stroller before this weekend. So the train ride while taking baby to graduation was not only baby’s first subway ride, but her first ride on any moving vehicle.

My wife and I are used to walking from our Chinatown apartment to the Downtown Crossing Red Line station whenever we go north into Cambridge. We have made the five minute walk to the train platform hundreds of times while living in Boston. But we never had so much difficulty just getting to the train.
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Scolding Random Kids

Scolding Random KidsBefore asking strangers to take pictures of us in the park my wife and I saw a little boy running towards us with a big stick. The boy looked like he was four years-old, but he had no parents or guardians in sight.

I usually get alarmed when uncoordinated kids start running toward me and my baby with a big stick. I moved Arya away from the edge of the water where we were taking pictures overlooking the lake.
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Asking Strangers to Take Pictures

Asking Strangers to Take PicturesToday was a perfect day for a family outing to the park. With temperature in the low 70s, light wind, and no chance of rain, Mommy and I spent a few hours with Arya in the Boston Public Garden.

Arya really enjoyed being outside of her stroller in the park. She looked around at all the bright colors and she especially loved staring at the big trees that dominate the landscape near the lake.
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Two Month Visit to the Pediatrician

Two Month Visit to the PediatricianTwo month-old baby Arya had another visit to the pediatrician this afternoon. Her two month visit to the pediatrician was part of the standard well-baby check-up schedule.

Both my wife and I were eager to have Arya visit the doctor so that we could confirm changes in her weight, length, and head circumference since her last visit to the pediatrician. Although we had a general idea as to our baby’s vital statistics from at-home measurements, we wanted both the more formal data recorded at the doctor’s office and the chance to speak with Arya’s physician.
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Two Month Old Baby Arya

Baby Arya is two-months old today!
Two Month Old Baby Arya