When is it Too Hot For My Baby Outside?

When Is It Too Hot For My Baby OutsideTemperatures climbed to 96 degrees today leading me to wonder: when is it too hot for my baby outside?

The heat wasn’t the only problem. Humidity was above 55 percent for most of the day. The combination of high heat and high humidity become increasingly dangerous for children and especially for young babies like my daughter.

Given my previous research [see Is It Too Hot For My Baby To Go Outdoors?] on the topic of babies and outdoor temperature I was especially concerned starting from 11am this morning when the thermostat climbed above 90 degrees.
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Diaper Overflowing With Poop

Diaper Overflowing With PoopArya had a huge surprise for us after early morning book time.

Within twenty minutes of Mommy reading her a book, our baby made the largest and most disgusting poop I have ever seen.

The diaper was overflowing with poop. Poop spilled out the front of the diaper onto her tummy. Poop came out the back of her diaper onto her onesie.

I’m still shocked that something so cute could produce something so gross.
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Mommies by Kate Spohn – Book Review

Mommies by Kate SpohnMommies by Kate Spohn is a book about a mommies and their babies.

We thought it would be a great book for Arya’s Mommy to read to her.

The book also has a prominent sunflower on the front cover advertising big flaps inside. While I didn’t necessarily like the book itself, my baby enjoyed the colorful illustrations and the ability to turn her own pages.
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Safe Sunscreen For Babies Under 6 Months

Safe Sunscreen For Babies Under 6 MonthsSince babies need sunscreen if they are exposed to direct sunlight, I needed to find safe sunscreen for babies under 6 months for my daughter.

We try hard to keep Arya out of direct sunlight at all times.

When outdoors we use a combination of hats, stroller covers, blankets, and umbrellas to block the sun from hitting her delicate skin. Unfortunately there are some events — like Father’s Day at Fenway Park — where blocking all the sun is impossible.
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Fiesta! by Ginger Foglesong Guy – Book Review

Fiesta by Ginger Foglesong GuyArya was immediately attracted to the front cover of Fiesta! by Ginger Foglesong Guy.

Six children and dog are playing ring-around-the-Rosie around a big tree. Brightly-colored ribbons fall from the sky against a pastel green background.

With cute kids and soft, colorful images I knew my baby would enjoy Fiesta!
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Do Babies Need Sunscreen?

Do Babies Need SunscreenDuring yesterday’s fun Father’s Day at Fenway Park we discovered one problem with taking Arya to new places.

Because of the crowd and the venue, we weren’t able to use our normal umbrellas to shield our baby from the sun.

We did have a wide-brim hat, long socks, and pants on her to protect most of her body. Unfortunately she was still exposed to the sun on small portions of her face, neck, and arms during the day.

Our experience left me with a question: do babies need sunscreen?
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Global Babies by The Global Fund For Children – Book Review

Global Babies by The Global Fund For ChildrenThe baby on the front cover of Global Babies looks like my daughter. That was reason enough to read the book to Arya.

The baby on the cover looks like she is dressed in traditional Tibetan attire. Babies throughout the book are shown in outfits from their respective countries.

Global Babies isn’t so much a book as it is a collection of pictures of babies from across the globe.
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Father’s Day at Fenway Park

Father's Day at Fenway Park - Wally the Green MonsterMy first father’s day was a whole lot of fun!

Mommy and I took Arya to Fenway Park for the Red Sox annual “Father’s Day Walk in the Park”. The free event is held on father’s day every year.

The team opens the ballpark to the public with special themed events and photo opportunities. Red Sox tickets are usually among the most expensive in baseball so I’m happy to take any chance to spend some time in Fenway Park for free.
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Curious George and the Rocket by H.A. Rey – Book Review

Curious George and the Rocket by H.A. ReyArya liked the first Curious George book we read last week so I found another in the series.

Curious George and the Rocket by H.A. Rey shows George dressed up as a cute space monkey in a bright yellow outfit. Arya liked looking at the cover because of the high contrast image against the blue background.

I liked the cute back cover with a check list of the items George needed to go into space.
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Baby Sitting Up With Help at 12 Weeks

Baby Sitting Up With Help at 12 WeeksArya found a new game to play with Daddy.

While sitting her up to burp her this week, baby grabbed my arm to balance herself and steady her head. She seemed to enjoy the exercise so we spent a few days practicing.

After lots of effort, baby can now sit up with help at 12-weeks old. As long as she is placed into the sitting position and someone holds her arms for support, Arya can sit up and look around for a few minutes at a time.
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