Pushing Baby Stroller Through Snow

Pushing Baby Stroller Through SnowYesterday brought the first real snow this winter.

Temperatures adjusted for wind chill dropped into the single digits and snow covered the ground throughout the city.

We still wanted to take Arya for our normal walk so we were left with pushing our baby stroller through snow for three miles.
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Baby Feeding Herself Peas and Carrots

Baby Feeding Herself Peas and CarrotsArya has discovered another food she can eat by herself.

She already learned how to feed herself crackers, use her Munchkin fresh food feeder, and hold a bottle with one hand.

Now baby likes feeding herself peas and carrots.
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Baby Watching Live Basketball

Baby Watching Live BasketballYesterday we took Arya to a basketball game.

Baby liked watching live basketball.

She sat happily through the entire game alternating between watching the players on the court and the other fans cheering in the stands. She especially enjoyed the music playing over the loudspeakers during breaks in the game and lots of open space throughout the bleachers for her to crawl around.
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When Do Babies Clap

When Do Babies ClapAfter watching baby clapping while kneeling earlier this week, I realized that Arya had been clapping for a while without mommy or me realizing her new development.

So I decided to understand the answer to: when do babies clap?

Clapping requires coordination and gross motor skills that time to develop in young babies.
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Definition of Cruising For Babies

Definition of Baby CruisingThe term “cruise” or “cruising” has a specific meaning to parents of young babies.

The normal definition involves sailing as a leisure activity or taking a ship on a predetermined course as part of a vacation.

For babies, cruising means something else entirely.

When applied to little children, cruising means to walk while holding onto objects for support.
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Baby’s First Airplane Ride

Baby's First Airplane RideArya took her first airplane ride yesterday.

Baby’s first airplane ride was a lot more stressful for her parents than for her.

We were worried about the entire process of getting to the airport, clearing security, and riding on the plane. Arya thought the entire adventure was a whole lot of fun.
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Baby’s First Time at the Airport

Baby's First Time at the AirportMommy and I were excited about visiting Las Vegas for baby’s first Christmas, but after our difficult time packing for baby’s first airplane ride we were worried about baby’s first time at the airport.

Whereas we were nervous for her, Arya loved her first visit to the airport.

When she wasn’t smiling back at all the people looking at her she was busy crawling around the terminal looking for new toys.
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Packing For Baby’s First Airplane Ride

Packing For Baby's First Airplane Ride - With MommyMy dad invited us to join him in Las Vegas for Christmas.

We were excited that Arya would get to spend more time with Grandpa and meet her aunty for the first time. But Mommy and I were both nervous about getting there.

Packing for baby’s first airplane ride turned out to be more stressful than baby’s first airplane ride itself.
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Baby Likes Eating Crackers

Baby Likes Eating CrackersBaby likes eating crackers.

Arya has wanted to feed herself ever since she became interested in eating solid food.

Most baby food is too messy to let her try to feed herself. We do let her eat fruits out of her Munchkin fresh food feeder and she manages to put cheerios in her mouth when she concentrates.
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Baby Clapping While Kneeling

Baby Clapping While KneelingArya learned a new trick this week.

When she gets excited, mommy and I get to watch baby clapping while kneeling.

Although she can’t quite stand up on her own, Arya can balance on her knees without using her hands. Since baby likes to clap when she is happy, she now combines kneeling with clapping.

Her balance is very good when she is paying attention. But sometimes when she claps while kneeling she gets so excited that she gets off balance and tips over.
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