Baby Play Area at the Shopping Mall

Baby Play Area at the Shopping MallWith Mommy at an off-site clinic this week, Arya and I spent daytime away from home.

Since she likes exercising by cruising around the house in the morning, we went off in search of an area near the clinic with enough space for Arya to walk and crawl.

Cold temperatures meant we ended up in a baby play area at the shopping mall.
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Baby Eats Food With Two Hands

Baby Eats Food With Two HandsArya has developed an interesting way of eating.

My baby eats food with two hands.

She likes to have one piece of food in each hand even if she eats slowly from one hand. The food in her opposite hand serves as backup to be used only if she accidentally drops the food in her main hand.
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Baby Taking Off Her Sock

Baby Taking Off Her SockDuring my time with baby at Pilgrim Memorial State Park, Arya found a new way to entertain herself while riding in the stroller.

She discovered how to take off her sock while buckled into the stroller.

Watching baby taking off her sock was initially amusing, but became irritating after she proceeded to remove her sock three more times before I gave up trying to put her sock back on.
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Taking Baby to Plymouth Rock

Taking Baby to Plymouth RockSince Mommy had to work at an offsite location this week, I took advantage of being forced to rent a car to take Arya to different venues.

Plymouth, Massachusetts was close to Mommy’s work site and made for a convenient day trip that I made primarily to see the famous Rock.

Taking baby to Plymouth Rock was an interesting experience even if the Rock itself was a bit disappointing.
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Taking Baby to Cheesecake Factory

Taking Baby to Cheesecake FactoryWith temperatures dropping below 30 degrees we decided to stay close to home for our weekend brunch outing.

Conveniently, we also noticed a popular chain restaurant advertising both a special lunch menu and a new “skinny” lower-calorie menu. Since it was also within a 20 minute walk from our house we decided to go to the Cheesecake Factory with our daughter.

Taking baby to Cheesecake Factory was fun for her and relaxing for us. The more Arya goes to restaurants the more she enjoys her time at different venues.
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Yellow Dress For Baby

Yellow Dress For BabyThanks to generous friends and family who like to shop for baby clothes, Arya has a variety of different outfits.

This week was the first time we picked out a yellow dress for baby. Since most of her baby clothes are pink or red, the dress is one of her only yellow outfits.

I was surprised to discover that we already had matching yellow socks and a matching yellow headband. Since socks and headbands are sold in variety packs Arya already has both in every basic color.

Her yellow dress was nice on its own, but I thought she looked particularly cute with a full, matching, yellow outfit.
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What Foods Can Babies Eat at 9 Months

What Foods Can Babies Eat at 9 MonthsIn the past month Arya has become more interested in eating the same food as her parents.

She used to be content with eating her own baby food or formula while we ate our meal. Now she wants to eat whatever we are eating.

That leaves me concerned about the answer to: what foods can babies eat at 9 months?
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Baby Standing Up By Herself For the First Time

Baby Standing Up By Herself For the First TimeJust a week ago I was wondering when my baby would stand unassisted.

This week Mommy and I got to see baby standing by herself for the first time.

Arya stood up by herself for the first time at home and we were lucky enough to get it on video.
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Happy Baby Taking a Bath

Happy Baby Taking a BathArya has come a long way since we had stress from bathing a newborn.

Once we got used to giving baby a bath she actually started to love taking a bath.

Now she looks forward to bath time and becomes a very happy baby taking a bath every time.
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Taking Baby to Church Restaurant

Taking Baby to Church RestaurantOver the weekend we decided to try taking Arya with us to brunch at a restaurant in the Fenway neighborhood of Boston.

Taking baby to Church Restaurant was easier than I expected.

Although there were only two empty tables when we arrived, neither Arya nor her stroller caused much of problem during our meal.
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