36 Reasons Why Babies Cry

1) They are hungry. Feed them.

2) They are thirsty. Feed them.

3) They want a different nipple. Change the nipple.

4) They are in a bad feeding position. Hold them securely with head slightly elevated.

5) They are drinking milk that is too hot. Cool it down in the freezer for 30 seconds.

6) They are drinking milk that is too cold. Warm it up with a bottle warmer.

7) They are drinking milk that tastes funny. Wash your bottles. Only give them breastmilk or formula.

8) They have reflux. Talk to your pediatrician. Try smaller, more frequent feedings.

9) They have gas. Relax yourself, then calm them to help them fart.

10) They have constipation. Talk to your pediatrician. Count daily bowel movements.

11) They need to burp. Burp them.

12) They are too cold. Give them an extra layer. Call 911 if temperature is below 97 for newborns.

13) They are too hot. Remove a layer. Call 911 if temperature is above 100.3 for newborns.

14) They have a dirty diaper. Change their diaper.

15) They have the wrong-size clothes. Buy the correct size.

16) They are being pinched by zippers or fasteners. Change their clothes.

17) They are startled by a noise. Hug them to calm them.

18) They are startled by fast movement. Avoid jerky movements when carrying them.

19) They want movement. Carry them and walk around.

20) They experienced a falling sensation. Move slowly when placing them in a crib.

21) They want to be carried. Carry them.

22) They want skin-to-skin contact. Give it to them.

23) They want more attention. Play with them.

24) They want less attention. Leave them alone.

25) They hear angry voices. Don’t argue in front of them.

26) They have empathy. They are sad because you are sad.

27) They have a milk allergy. Talk to your pediatrician.

28) They have irritated skin. Talk to your pediatrician. Avoid creams, gels, and soaps.

29) They are teething. Give them a teething product.

30) They are sick. Take their temperature. Call your pediatrician.

31) They have an ear infection. Call your pediatrician.

32) They are undergoing a growth spurt. Hug them to comfort them.

33) They have colic. Talk to your pediatrician.

34) They are tired. Help them fall asleep.

35) They are bored. Move to a different spot and play with them.

36) They want to. Babies cry. Just accept it.

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