A Good Day by Kevin Henkes – Book Review

A Good Day by Kevin HenkesGiven our recent visit to the Franklin Park Zoo, I’m actively looking for books about animals to read to my daughter.

A Good Day by Kevin Henkes has four different animals on the front cover and fantastic review quotes by The New York Times Book Review and Kirkus Reviews on the back cover.

Since Arya liked the cute animal drawings against different colored backgrounds on the front cover, I knew she would appreciate the rest of the book too.

A Good Day begins by describing a bad day for each of the four animals depicted on the cover. But the day quickly turns for the better for all of the animals and a little girl.

Using only a brief sentence per page, Henkes manages to tell a memorable tale filled with positive lessons. Older children will enjoy reading and discussing the book. Even younger kids will understand the concept of resolving problems and the joy of a bad day turning good.

Young babies will still like the book for the wonderful illustrations. I particularly enjoyed the big eyes and sad faces of the animals in the first half of the book when contrasted with their rounded eyes and happy expressions in the second half. Arya’s favorite page was the simple, multi-color page marking the half-way point in the story.

At 28 pages, the board book version of A Good Day is ideal for a wide range of ages. Bright colors against contrasting backgrounds make the pictures perfect for the youngest babies. The touching story makes the text appealing for children through early grades.

Kevin Henkes has won both the Caldecott Medal and Newberry Honor for his children’s books. On his website (http://www.kevinhenkes.com), Henkes lists all of his books and provides samples of artwork and pictures.

A Good Day
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