A Wild Day With Dad by Sean Callahan – Book Review

A Wild Day With Dad by Sean CallahanSince Mommy likes reading books about moms to our daughter, I was happy to find a unique book about dads.

A Wild Day With Dad by Sean Callahan is an amusing book that uses a day with dad to tell a simple story.

Arya liked the colorful front cover making it an even easier choice to read to her during our daily book time.

At a short 18 pages with as little as a single word on many pages, A Wild Day With Dad is well-suited for young babies. Easy vocabulary and an interesting plot focus also make the book appropriate for children just old enough to read the book on their own.

As the title suggests, the book revolves around two children spending a “wild” day with their father. The kids and their dad jump like kangaroos, stretch like cats, swing like monkeys, and wrestle like bears before falling asleep like tired puppies. Text is simple enough for early readers, but the appeal of the book revolves around large, colorful illustrations by Daniel Howarth.

Each page is filled with a brightly-colored picture with especially good use of shading and color gradation to create interesting backgrounds. Arya really liked looking at the colors and she consistently tried to touch each new group of animals.

Illustrations alternate between pictures of the dad with his kids and animal families in their natural environment. The images of the people are cute, but the pictures of the animals are terrific complete with the daddy animal in glasses and the little boy animal with a baseball cap.

A Wild Day With Dad is suitable for young babies due to its colorful pictures and children up until elementary school will enjoy reading the text. The book is ideal to read to kids just before their dad takes them out for a fun day.

A Wild Day With Dad costs (including shipping) under $8 and under $5 used from Amazon.