Amazing ABC by Sean Kenney – Book Review

Amazing ABC by Sean KenneyArya is now at a strange age where she is too young to have a long attention span for reading books, but too old to be interested in pictures for very long.

So the books I read to her must have only a few words on each page and enough colorful images to keep her interested throughout.

Amazing ABC by Sean Kenney is a great book to read to babies around Arya’s age.

Unlike traditional baby books, Amazing ABC has no plot and no characters. Rather, the book consists pictures of objects built entirely out of lego blocks.

Each page focuses on one letter of the alphabet. A word, beginning with the specific letter, is chosen for each page and a picture of a lego creation of that word is shown as a large image in the center of the page.

Some lego creations–like the cake with a piece cut out–are particularly innovative with a striking three-dimensional design. Others–like the map of the United States–rely on a lego color scheme and a flat perspective. All lego objects are amusing for adults and interesting for babies.

With no storyline, I wasn’t able to read Amazing ABC to my baby. Instead, the book is ideal for teaching the association between individual words and their lego objects. Arya liked most of the pictures in the book with the notable exception of the goblin. Some of the pictures that were harder to recognize–like the umbrella–made her bored rather quickly.

Amazing ABC is great for babies and young toddlers. Colorful pictures and quick pace ensure that even children with short attention spans will sit still long enough to read the entire book. Older children may be motivated to try building their own creations (or copying the ones from the book) out of legos.

Amazing ABC costs (including shipping) under $8 new and under $6 used from Amazon.