Animal Babies on the Farm by Kingfisher – Book Review

Animal Babies on the Farm by KingfisherArya likes looking at pictures of animals.

By reading Animal Babies on the Farm by Kingfisher, she got to look at real pictures of baby animals and their mothers.

The close-up picture of a pig staring out from the front cover attracted her attention and she remained curious about the animal pictures throughout the rest of the book.

Animal Babies on the Farm uses the same format as the last Kingfisher book we read: Baby Animals in the Sea. Real photographs of baby animals on the farm occupy entire pages while short sentences about each animals are offset to the left.

Animal Babies on the Farm dedicates two pairs of pages to each of five different animals: pig, chicken, sheep, cow, and goat. For these animals the book dedicates one page to a close-up picture of a portion of the baby animal’s body. The second picture is a wider-angle shot that shows the baby animal interaction with its mother.

For some odd reason the book ends with a single page about a baby foal and his mommy horse. Rather than retaining the familiar pattern the page about the horses smashes three long sentences on the right side of the page. I suspect the strange ending had more to do with printing costs and retaining a certain page limit. Nonetheless I found it a weird way to end the book that had otherwise shown a consistent theme.

Every animal picture is interesting and designed to keep the interest of young children. Even adults will enjoy the pictures of the baby animals with their mothers. Arya liked the baby chicks and their mommy chicken the best. I thought the piglets nuzzling their mommy’s nose was especially cute.

Text is limited to an animal noise and short description on the first page about an animal and the name of the animal and its baby on the second page. While simple, the design allows school-age children to learn the proper names for each type of baby animal: piglet, chick, lamb, calf, kid, and foal.

Older children will appreciate learning more about the animals while being able to read the rest of the book themselves. Younger kids will love the animal pictures and the quick pace of each page. In spite of the strange ending, I thought Animal Babies on the Farm would be a great book to re-read to Arya when she gets older and particularly before any future visit to a petting zoo or farm.

Animal Babies on the Farm costs (including shipping) under $7 new and under $4 used from Amazon.