Babies Grow So Fast

Babies Grow So Fast - 3 Days Old
Babies Grow So Fast: Baby Arya at 3 Days Old

A friend of ours came over to play with our baby daughter for a few hours yesterday. Since our friend hasn’t seen our daughter Arya since we first got home from the hospital, it has been 46 days since they last time she carried our baby.

For the adults, the six weeks in between her last visit was a short blip. While we all enjoyed catching up on six weeks of information from both sides, the absence wasn’t long enough to cause any noteworthy life events for my wife, our friend, or myself.

However, for our newborn baby, the difference between 3 days old and 49 days old is incredible. Both her physical changes and her developmental progress generated hours of conversation. We all agreed that it really is true that babies grow so fast.

The picture at top left shows our friend carrying our baby at 3 days old. The picture at bottom shows our friend carrying our baby at 49 days old. Although our friend hasn’t changed, everything about our little baby has.

Just from the picture we can tell that our baby’s head, hair, ears, eyebrows, eyes, neck, and arms have all changed in less than two months. I used to be concerned about people breaking things on my baby’s fragile little body. Now I am more concerned that my baby will punch people in the face since she swings her arms wildly when we take too long to feed her.

My wife and I are both happy that our baby is growing bigger and stronger. But at the same time we are sad that our little baby is growing up so fast.

Babies Grow So Fast - 49 Days Old
Babies Grow So Fast: Baby Arya at 49 Days Old

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