Baby Biting the Crib

Baby Biting the CribArya did something bad earlier this week.

I leave her in her crib to keep her safe when I make lunch in the kitchen. When I went to check on her I noticed a strange look on her face and white stuff around her mouth.

While I was in the kitchen, baby was biting the crib.

Arya’s crib is designed with an adjustable base. When our daughter was a newborn we kept the base at the highest level to allow us to place her into the crib without having to bend over too far. Now that she is older, the base is on the lowest level to prevent her from being able to climb out of the crib.

Unfortunately the current height places the top rail of the crib exactly at Arya’s mouth level when she is standing up. She likes to watch me make lunch in the kitchen so she usually stands up the entire time.

Baby Biting the CribWhile she was standing up she was apparently gnawing at the top rail of her crib. The paint starting flecking off causing the white spots around her mouth. The rail now has a brown spot where Arya chewed off the white paint.

Thankfully I checked on her before she managed to chip off too much paint. She also had a strange look on her face which made me make a closer inspection leading to my discovery of the bare spot on the crib.

Baby biting the crib wouldn’t necessarily be bad, but baby eating paint would terrible. We would have to be concerned about lead poisoning or other health problems from any chemicals in the paint.

I’m putting her someplace else when I’m in the kitchen until I figure out how to get Arya to stop biting her crib.

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