Baby Chewing on Paperback Books

Baby Chewing on Paperback BooksYesterday we caught baby chewing on paperback books.

We keep a bookshelf with Arya’s baby books on the bottom shelves close to the living room and other books on higher shelves farther away.

Since she normally stays in the living room on her Alphabet mat the system usually works well enough so that she only grabs her baby board books.

For some reason Arya decided that she wanted to grab the paperback books and chew on them. She likes gnawing on the pages of her board books even while we read them. But it seemed strange that she would want to stick the soft pages of a paperback in her mouth when she is used to the stiffer pages of the baby board books.

She picked through our collection of parenting and pregnancy books for her taste test. Thankfully we caught her within a minute so she didn’t have a chance to destroy too many pages. We were able to stop her from swallowing the chewed paper as well.

Apparently biting on books is common everywhere. Some publishers even use it as a marketing tool.

It’s good to know that Arya isn’t unusual in wanting to chew on books. However it is strange that she grabbed a bunch of paperback books to chew on (from a higher shelf farther away) when her whole collection of baby books sits at floor level close to her play area.