Baby Dry Scalp

Baby Dry ScalpMy daughter has a dry scalp. Pieces of skin flake off of her head like enormous flecks of dandruff.

Arya has had baby dry scalp off and on since she was born. Now the individual pieces are the size of her fingernails and fall off in small groups.

I asked our doctor about baby’s dry scalp at our last visit to the pediatrician. She said not to worry as dry scalp is a common, harmless issue with babies.

Baby’s dry scalp is caused by a condition known as seborrheic dermatitis or cradle cap. Studies have shown as many as 10 percent of babies have dry scalp with the majority of cases occurring in the first three months.

Baby Dry Scalp - Clear ScalpArya had a clear scalp at birth.

She did suffer from a head injury due to the vacuum extractor, but the rest of the skin on her head was clear. We also know that any current problems with baby dry scalp are unrelated to her difficult birth.

Treatment recommendations for baby dry scalp vary. Most research indicates that dry scalp is a harmless condition that will clear up on its own. However since dry scalp may be caused by other problems, some pediatricians recommend using gentle baby shampoo or even specialized baby shampoo designed to combat dry scalp.

Other parents use a variety of products with limited degrees of success.

We currently use a popular baby shampoo that is gentle and fragrant free. If Arya’s dry scalp gets worse we are thinking of switching to one of the two most popular cradle cap baby shampoos.

There is conflicting information as to whether we should bathe our daughter more or less often to fight baby dry scalp. Most resources recommend bathing no more than once or twice a week to allow her natural protective oils to rejuvenate her soft skin. However with dry scalp problems some references recommend a daily, light shampoo of the affected region.

My wife and I hope Arya’s problems with baby dry scalp will clear up on their own. If not, we will be looking for additional recommendations on how to get our baby’s head back to normal.

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