Baby Eating in a Tub

Baby Eating in a TubWe’ve been experimenting with how to feed baby.

When she was younger Arya didn’t mind having us feed her. But now that she likes to touch and feel her food, she makes a huge mess every time she eats.

But we discovered that baby eating a tub makes things more fun for her and easier to clean for us.

There are many baby feeding chairs for different ages. We considered getting her a chair with a tray, but given the way she eats she would still make a mess. Arya likes to transfer food between her hands and this often results in her dropping crumbs or large pieces all over the floor.

She particularly enjoys food that she can break into chunks and hold between her fingers. Unfortunately this also means that she has food on her fingers when she touches different surfaces. A normal feeding chair would just result in pieces of food on the ground all around the chair.

We repurpose her whale tub as a way to catch all the food that she drops while eating. The blue whale tub is meant for giving baby a bath making it easy to clean after a messy meal. The tub is also easy to wash since we can just stick it in the bathtub and run the water.

Teaching baby to eat solid food is a fun, but messy process. At least by having baby eat in a tub we make it a little easier to clean up after her.

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