Baby Eating Pears

Baby Eating PearsNow that Arya is able to eat almost everything that adults can eat, we have started to let her experiment with different types of food.

Since she really likes fruit we tried giving her small pieces of pears this week.

Watching baby eating pears was quite amusing as she decided to eat them differently than most people.

At first we tried mashing the pears into a watery pulp. Feeding her the liquid was really messy and she wanted to eat other food instead of drinking the pear juice.

Next we cut up the pears into tiny pieces she would be able to swallow whole. Arya didn’t mind eating the pear pieces, but since they were so small she wasn’t able to pick them up by herself. She likes to feed herself now so she quickly moved on to other food that she could grab on her own.

Baby Eating PearsFinally we simply sliced the pears into larger pieces that were big enough for baby to hold, but not so big as to be a choking hazard. The plan seemed to work as Arya excitedly grabbed at the plate of pears. She was so eager to feed herself the pear slices that she would hold multiple pieces in each hand and try to stuff all of them into her mouth at once.

Eventually she learned that it would be more efficient to take a single slice into her hand and eat the pear one piece at a time. But even then she found a strange way to eat pears.

Baby refuses to chew the slices into smaller pieces and then swallow them. Rather, she prefers gnawing on the pears as a teething toy and sucking out all the juice. Once she has sucked the juice out of the slice, she bites it into smaller and smaller bits in an attempt to get even more juice out of the fruit.

Once she decides that it is not worth working on the pear slice she spits it onto the floor (and sometimes onto the front of her shirt) and reaches for a new slice.

The good news is that she has enough fun eating pears that she can sit happily by herself for half-an-hour. The bad news is that she leaves such a mess in the aftermath of her pear that it takes another ten minutes to clean baby, her clothes, and the floor.

I like watching baby eating pears since I’m proud that she has learned to feed herself and decide how she wants to eat. I am also embarrassed at the enormous mess she leaves behind once she is done.

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