Baby Eats Food With Two Hands

Baby Eats Food With Two HandsArya has developed an interesting way of eating.

My baby eats food with two hands.

She likes to have one piece of food in each hand even if she eats slowly from one hand. The food in her opposite hand serves as backup to be used only if she accidentally drops the food in her main hand.

It’s very common for babies to be messy eaters when they are first learning to eat. Arya makes such a mess while eating that we feed baby in a tub to make it easier to clean up.

We have also seen Arya quickly develop a taste for different kinds of food. Baby likes eating yogurt, crackers, peas and carrots, and noodles. In recent weeks, no matter what kind of food Arya is eating, she insists on using both hands to get the food into her mouth.

Now that Arya has more coordination, she can hold food in her hand and place it directly in her mouth. She uses her teeth and gums to gnaw off a small piece and holds the rest in her hands until she is ready for another bite.

She insists on using two hands even when she has a bowl of food in front of her. Arya seems to like the security of knowing that she has access to two fistfuls of food and the ability to control how fast she eats. As she gets better at eating she has even started to alternate taking a bite from each hand. Arya prefers food that is easy to hold and easy to bite. Noodles have been her recent favorite as she can grab a long strand and chomp it into pieces small enough for her to swallow.

It will be a few months until we can begin teaching baby to use utensils. Until then we have to put up with messy eating in order to let baby feed herself with two hands.

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