Baby Eye Contact

Baby Eye Contact - Six WeeksWith my sister-in-law visiting for the weekend my daughter got to meet her aunty for the first time. As soon as they met, baby Arya stared intently at her aunty’s face.

My wife and I expected our baby to get bored and look way. Instead, Arya looked directly into her aunty’s eyes in an unmistakable display of baby eye contact.

Since babies should make direct eye contact between 5 to 7 weeks, my daughter is on the proper developmental timeline.

Eye contact is an important part of normal baby development. Breastfeeding advocates highlight the role baby eye contact plays in successful breastfeeding.

Many parents also look forward to receiving direct eye contact from their babies while others actively avoid it during meal time. There are even baby products designed with eye contact in mind.

Baby Eye Contact - NewbornMy wife and I loved how Arya stared into our faces from immediately after her birth. At first it was hard for us to tell if baby could actually see anything.

Eventually we saw a seeking behavior in our daughter’s eye movements. She would look around the contours of our faces as if she was trying to memorize the outline of Mommy and Daddy. Arya did not make purposeful eye contact during those first few weeks.

By the time she hit four weeks Arya had better control over her focusing and depth perception. She could identify us from across the room and, based on duration of her stare, we knew she could differentiate us from new people.

Baby Eye Contact - Four WeeksHowever we still weren’t sure if she was making direct eye contact with us. Although by four weeks she would look directly into our eyes, we didn’t see the same flash of acknowledgement that Arya showed when she recognized us from across the room.

After watching her interact with her aunty, we are now positive that our baby is making direct, purposeful eye contact. Arya even arched her back to establish the proper focusing distance to look into her aunty’s eyes.

We are happy our baby is making eye contact near the appropriate age. We will also work baby eye contact into a good exercise routine for our daughter. Now, both Mommy and Daddy get to look into our baby’s eyes and see her stare directly back at us.

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  1. Jenny

    I love it when they can finally look into your eyes with purpose and love!

    1. Nolan Kido

      It finally makes the sleepless nights and tons of poop a little easier to handle.

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