Baby Feeding Herself Peas and Carrots

Baby Feeding Herself Peas and CarrotsArya has discovered another food she can eat by herself.

She already learned how to feed herself crackers, use her Munchkin fresh food feeder, and hold a bottle with one hand.

Now baby likes feeding herself peas and carrots.

Arya has been interested in solid foods for half a year. At first she was delighted when we would bring out her baby spoon and start to feed her. In recent months she has become even more interested in feeding herself.

She still enjoys it when we feed her packaged baby food or mashed vegetables. But she loves being able to pick up her own food and control how fast she eats. It’s impossible for baby to feed herself mushy baby food or anything requiring a spoon.

Safe foods that she can pick up with her little fingers are harder to find. She can’t use her hands to eat traditional baby food and she isn’t quite coordinated enough to feed herself with a spoon. We would also prefer Arya eat more fruits and vegetables rather than just bread and crackers for every meal.

So having baby feed herself peas and carrots is a great outcome. We buy standard, canned peas and carrots which contains no added salt or preservatives. While I think the unsalted peas and carrots are a little bland, Arya doesn’t mind at all.

Both the individual peas and carrots are large enough for her to grab with her fingers, but small enough for her to swallow without choking. Since they are also soft, she can mush them with her teeth and gums to practice chewing. Peas and carrots also add variety to her diet and allow her to feed herself.

The only bad part about having baby feed herself peas and carrots is that she squashes some of the individual pieces on her clothes or the floor. However, since the vegetables are easier to clean than the mess when Arya tries to feed herself normal baby food, we’re happy to let her feed herself vegetables.

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