Baby Grasping Her Toy

Baby Grasping Her ToyThis afternoon baby Arya learned a new skill. She can now grasp one of her toys!

In the past few weeks our 10-week old has been batting at objects and swiping at her toys. Today was the first time she consciously grasped her ball and lifted it up. Baby grasping her toy is a minor stage in normal infant development, but our family was thrilled that Arya can now grasp objects.

Arya has always liked her bendy ball toy. Her ball is colorful, flexible, soft, rattles, and has a smiling caterpillar. Now baby finally appreciates one other aspect of her toy: the holes make it easy for her to grasp and lift. Her toy is also a lot safer than some other things babies might grasp.

Grasping is a normal stage of infant development and normally occurs by four months. Some commentators see baby grasping within the scope of a larger issue, but we are just happy that Arya is on track with her motor skills. Since she just learned how to grasp she is still uncoordinated with her hand movements.

Baby liked to reach towards objects since she was a few weeks old. Only in the past several weeks has she been coordinated enough to touch them. Now she is accurate enough to find her toy with her hands and close her fingers around the soft frame.

We want to encourage baby’s grasping reflex despite some possible side-effects. Arya seems to enjoy being able to control her body enough to interact with the world.

I’m not sure whether our daughter actually receives innate satisfaction from being able to grasp her toy or she is just responding to our cheers. At the very least she is happy and likes playing with her bendy ball even more now that she has learned how to grasp it herself.

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