My Baby Hiccups A Lot

My Baby Hiccups a LotMy baby hiccups a lot. My wife and I first noticed our newborn hiccuping following her first nursing session in the hospital right after delivery. In the two weeks since we left the hospital we have been surprised at how much our baby hiccups.

Our daughter Arya hiccups a lot right after feeding or whenever she gets excited. Our pediatrician and the nurses at the hospital assured us that baby hiccups are perfectly normal. It is still disturbing to see me daughter hiccup so violently that her entire body shakes.

The American Academy of Pediatrics notes that hiccuping bothers parents more than babies. One research study found that 36 percent [pdf] of babies experienced hiccuping to the degree that their parents reported it during well-baby visits.

Although researchers agree that baby hiccups are not normally harmful, there is evidence that hiccuping affects breathing in clinically significant ways.

Our baby’s hiccups normally last between a few minutes to half-an-hour. Wile most of our newborn hiccups follow shortly after a feeding, she has also started to hiccup after being excited or having her diaper changed.

Babies have hiccups even before they are born and some pregnant women use fetal hiccups to estimate position in the womb.

There are some questionable techniques available to stop baby hiccups. As baby hiccups are not dangerous my wife and I would prefer to let Arya clear them on her own. Our pediatrician and several baby books recommended smaller, frequent feedings with more burps in between as one way to reduce the incidence of baby hiccups.

We have considered adjusting our feeding to minimize hiccups, but we are big believers in feeding on demand and hiccups are not bad for the baby. For now we comfort our newborn whenever she has hiccups and just accept the fact that our baby hiccups a lot.

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