Baby Holding a Bottle With One Hand

Baby Holding a Bottle With One HandMonths ago we were very concerned with teaching baby to hold her own bottle.

Once Arya was able to hold her own bottle we stopped thinking about the process. Recently she learned a new skill on her own.

Now every time she drinks milk we see baby holding a bottle with one hand.

Even though baby stopped nursing several weeks ago, we still use the same five-ounce baby bottles as we were using for pumped breastmilk. Arya is used to the Medela bottles and she is easily able to manipulate them on her own.

She first learned to hold her own bottle by firmly pressing two open palms against the sides of the bottle. Although this enabled her to pick up the bottle and move it to her mouth, she had difficulty when the bottle fell upside down or was too far away from her body to reach with both hands.

Sometime in the past few weeks she figured out how to grab the bottle with one hand using her fingers and opposing thumb as a grip. Since her grip is now strong enough to hold even a full bottle of formula, she can wave the bottle around while firming grasping it with one hand.

Holding a bottle with one hand is more useful than I would ever have realized. Arya can now move around on her own without having to remove the bottle from her mouth. She can also adjust her environment by moving objects to make bottle time more comfortable. Most importantly for her, Arya can play with a toy with one hand while drinking milk using the other hand.

The only downside to baby holding a bottle with one hand comes when she is done drinking but there is still formula remaining in the bottle. Arya thinks it is fun to hold the bottle with one hand and squeeze the nipple with the other hand. This causes any milk remaining in the bottle to squirt wildly through the small nipple opening.

Strangely, she finds it fun to squirt herself and her surroundings with any milk leftover after she is done eating. Other than taking the bottle away from her as soon as she finishes, we haven’t come up with a solution to stop her from making a mess by spraying milk from her bottle.

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