Baby is a Messy Eater

Baby is a Messy EaterMy baby is a messy eater.

Ever since she started on solids Arya has liked to touch her food. She enjoys feeling the different textures and learning how to move different types of food into her mouth.

Unfortunately this means she makes a huge mess with lots of the food she eats.

We have baby eat in a bath tub to contain her food mess, but Arya still manages to get food everywhere.

Arya is certainly not the only baby who is a messy eater. There are companies that sell special high chairs to combat messy eating, but we like our tub method since the tub is particularly easy to clean in the shower.

Messy eating is very common soon after babies start solid foods or when the babies themselves show interest in trying to eat solids by themselves. So Arya is by no means unusual in the way she eats.

Some of the foods that we have tried were much easier for Arya to eat. Easy-to-eat foods are far less messy since she is able to aim them directly into her mouth. But for some reason she seems to enjoy playing with messy foods like yogurt, commercial baby food, and any kind of sauce. She gets a big smile on her face when she can feel the food between her fingers and she often smears food all over her body, the tub, and floor.

The bath tub is reasonably easy to clean and we can give Arya a bath as well after an especially messy meal. But unfortunately for us, the American Academy of Pediatrics notes that it is not unusual for children to remain messy eaters past their third birthday. At least our baby enjoys eating all kinds of food even as she makes a big mess whenever she eats.

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