Baby is the Center of Attention

Baby is the Center of AttentionAs usual, Arya got plenty of attention this past weekend during our outdoor bbq turned indoor picnic.

Baby is the center of attention no matter where she goes, but she was quite literally surrounded by cooing women for the entire afternoon.

My daughter loves being the center of attention and she stayed up for more than eight hours delighting in all the love from friendly faces.

Arya has received plenty of attention from our friends and family from the day after she was born when baby was receiving visitors at the hospital. She has already met both grandmas and both grandpas and had a funny meeting with her aunty.

With at least one adult–and often more–playing with her every minute while she is awake, baby has certainly received lots of attention in the past four months since her birth. With some baby books suggesting that babies need to learn to play by themselves and many other parents mentioning that their children engaged in solo play by four months, we are a little concerned that Arya has never learned how to entertain herself.

It sounds obnoxious (i.e. #firstworldproblems) to complain about your baby receiving too much love, but it is a legitimate issue. Although we use a variety of methods to steal a few minutes, Arya does not play by herself for long enough for us to take a shower, make dinner, or even use the bathroom. For now we hope that when she can sit without needing to baby tripod that she will eventually learn to have fun on her own.

I still like that my baby is the center of attention. While little ones need to be taught that babies love attention, adults usually give babies so much attention that some of it is unwanted attention.

But since we had confidence in baby’s immune system and she is extremely sociable, we like whenever Arya gets more attention. Arya loves it too.

She spent the entire afternoon with multiple people smiling at her, talking to her, playing with her, carrying her, and hugging her. Despite two short fits of grumpiness, baby refused to take a nap because she was too interested in getting more attention from willing victims.

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