Baby Kissing Herself in the Mirror While Standing

Baby Kissing Herself in the Mirror While StandingArya found a new way to entertain herself this week.

I got to watch baby kissing herself in the mirror while standing.

I have seen baby kissing herself in the mirror before, but now she combined kissing the mirror with standing up against the plastic organizers.

Within the past week we were wondering when baby would stand unassisted. She is still learning to stand on her own, but she is quite proficient at standing up against furniture.

We use a series of plastic organizers to let baby cruise and block her from crawling under the table and playing with cords. She loves standing up against the organizers and we noticed that she likes to rest her elbows on the edges and look around.

With a baby mirror flat against the top of the organizer, Arya can stand up, lean on the cover, and look at herself in the mirror. She was happy just looking at herself in the mirror for a few days, but then she progressed to kissing herself.

It’s very common for babies to entertain themselves with mirrors. Many parents also use mirrors to entice their little ones into tummy time. Arya just uses her baby mirror as another item in her toy rotation.

But with the mirror flat on the top of the organizer, she has more incentive to stand up and balance while leaning over. She giggles when she notices the mirror as she is cruising along the furniture. She gets even more excited when she leans over to give herself a big kiss in the mirror.

Not only is it cute to see Arya playing with the baby mirror, but she also gets more practice standing on her own and balancing while shifting her weight. It’ll only be a week until baby is able to stand on her own and only a few more until baby starts walking. Once she starts walking around we’ll have to put the baby mirror somewhere else to keep her entertained.

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