Baby Likes Eating Crackers

Baby Likes Eating CrackersBaby likes eating crackers.

Arya has wanted to feed herself ever since she became interested in eating solid food.

Most baby food is too messy to let her try to feed herself. We do let her eat fruits out of her Munchkin fresh food feeder and she manages to put cheerios in her mouth when she concentrates.

Both mommy and I like to eat whole wheat crackers with cheese as a healthier alternative to potato chips. Now that baby wants to eat whatever we eat, she likes eating crackers as well.

Crackers are large enough for Arya to pickup and hold by herself. They are also fragile enough for her to break apart and dissolve in her mouth. Although the whole wheat crackers we buy are much drier than normal baby food, it only took a few tries for Arya to learn how to break the cracker into small enough pieces to swallow.

Unfortunately crackers also break apart and leave crumbs everywhere. While she concentrates on breaking apart and chewing on small pieces of cracker, Arya also leaves crumbs all over her body and the floor. Making sure that baby eats in a tub helps with the cleanup.

Whole wheat crackers are a healthy option for baby. We purposefully choose a brand from Trader Joe’s that has high fiber, no salt, and no sugar. Surprisingly we don’t mind eating the crackers at all. So now Arya gets to eat the same food as Mommy and Daddy and feed herself at the same time.

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