Baby Likes Eating Food Off the Floor

Baby Lies Eating Food Off the FloorArya has developed on odd habit.

She doesn’t like to use her baby bowls or baby plates whenever she eats.

Instead, baby likes eating food off the floor.

It would be less strange if Arya was simply willing to eat food off the floor. But she actually prefers to have her food directly on the floor as opposed to sitting nicely in a plate or bowl.

Arya’s current favorite snack is Joe’s O’s, the Trader Joe’s version of Cheerios. Every morning she likes to eat a big handful of O’s as part of her breakfast.

Since I like to eat cereal for breakfast as well, at first I tried to put her cereal in a baby-safe bowl shaped similarly to the adult bowl that I use. Although she will grab the first few O’s directly from the bowl, eventually Arya gets irritated at the bowl and dumps all the cereal onto the ground.

Her coordination is still developing, but she has been able to use the pincer grasp to pickup food for months. Her preference for having food on the floor isn’t a matter of inability to get food out of a bowl. In fact, the baby bowls (with their slippery sides) make it easier for babies to pickup food since they can slide the pieces of food upwards out of the bowl.

Eating off the floor isn’t limited to just babies. Nonetheless I would prefer that Arya keep food in her bowl and pickup individual pieces rather than dumping out the contents of the bowl onto the floor before starting to eat.

As with most strange baby behavior, I assume this is just a temporary phase until she decides she wants to eat the same way as Mommy and Daddy. Until then we are resigned to watching our kid eating her meals off the floor everyday.

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