Baby Likes to Lie on My Arm

Baby Likes to Lie on My Arm - Looking at CameraMy baby likes to lie on my arm. We cuddle on the sofa to read her favorite book or let her stare at the ceiling.

While I rest my head on a comfortable pillow, my daughter complains if her head is directly on the pillow. Arya doesn’t like it even if her head is next to mine and my arm is around her.

She prefers to place her head directly on my arm.

I don’t understand why Arya doesn’t want to lie on the full-body baby pillow. The baby pillow is soft, comforting, and has just enough give to cushion her head and neck.

My arm isn’t particularly muscular so I can often feel my elbow pressing into baby’s back. Since my arm isn’t particularly flabby either, there isn’t much soft cushion.

Arya also likes resting on her boppy pillow, her baby blanket, and my worn T-shirts. She is also happy to sleep while being carried, in her stroller, or on the sofa (i.e. anywhere except her crib).

But whenever we are together lying on the couch, baby insists on resting her head on my arm.

While at first I think it’s really cute, after half an hour my arm starts to feel funny. If I tried to move it or reposition her, baby starts whining. Once she settles in comfortably on my arm I become part of the immobile furniture.

I’ve learned to use the bathroom before we go to the couch to read. The past few days I’ve also remembered to eat, drink, and scratch any potential itches before letting Arya rest on me.

My wife thinks it’s adorable and says I should be happy whenever baby is happy. Mommy insists that Arya just wants to feel direct skin contact and that it is a good sign of secure attachment. I don’t necessarily disagree, but our baby enjoys all kinds of skin contact.

Whether we massage her arms, play with her legs, or rub her big belly, our daughter loves feeling our skin on her’s. If we are lying on the couch she will enjoy feeling my arm against her skin, but is not content until her head is resting in the crook of my elbow.

There are worse times to have baby resting on my arm. It might come in handy on some occasions. I’m also lucky not to have to race against the clock whenever she is in my arms.

Baby Likes to Lie on My Arm - Staring at Ceiling