Baby Loves Playing Peek-a-Boo With the Curtains

Baby Loves Playing Peek-a-Boo With the CurtainsArya has found a new favorite game.

Now baby loves playing peek-a-boo with the curtains.

We have been playing peek-a-boo with our little girl for months, but in recent weeks she discovered she could initiate the game herself by using the window curtains.

Playing peek-a-boo is one of the most common games to play with a baby. Arya likes the interaction and the funny voices and faces adults make when playing peek-a-boo with her. Now that she has figured out how to manipulate objects she actually prefers to be in control of peek-a-boo.

Baby has tried to use blankets and clothes in peek-a-boo, but since they require two hands it’s hard for her to get in the right position. She prefers to use window curtains since they are are easy to move with one hand.

The curtains are attached to a sliding rod so she can move them back and forth with light pressure. That makes it easy for Arya to stabilize herself with one hand while sitting and using the other hand to play peek-a-boo with the curtains.

We don’t have any window curtains with cords since they are a suffocation hazard for babies. But we were still a little worried about Arya pulling down the curtain rod when she started to become interested in the curtains. After watching her move the curtains back-and-forth we are confident that she won’t suffocated in the curtain itself.

The curtain rod falling on her head is still a minor concern, but as long as someone is watching her playing with the curtains is no more dangerous than any of her other activities. Arya likes having control over her environment and the curtains are the one object that she can move freely in front of her face with one hand.

In addition, playing peek-a-boo is a great way for her to interact with people around her and develop social skills. It won’t be long before she has found a new favorite game, but for now we are enjoying watching our baby play peek-a-boo with the curtains.

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