Baby Max and Ruby Red Boots by Rosemary Wells – Book Review

Baby Max and Ruby Red Boots by Rosemary WellsArya has already seen Max’s First Word by Rosemary Wells.

Baby Max and Ruby’s Red Boots by Rosemary Wells was the second time she has seen the cute baby bunny.

My baby stared at the bright yellow front cover with Max dressed in his big sister Ruby’s clothes.

Red Boots has a simple, yet adorable plot. Baby Max happens upon his sister Ruby’s bright red boots. Max puts one one, then decides to wear Ruby’s blue mittens, Ruby’s yellow hat, and Ruby’s green coat. Unfortunately all of Ruby’s clothing is too big for Max and he looks ridiculous as he falls over. Ruby finds him on the ground, and helps him wear his own plaid snowsuit.

The story should be interesting to older children who have played dress up in their parents or siblings clothing. Part of the fun for Max is the fact that the clothes don’t fit properly so he can purposefully look silly in over-sized apparel.

Most pages have fewer than ten words. Easy vocabulary and short sentences make the book ideal for children to read by themselves. Some words for Ruby’s clothing may be new to early readers, but most are simple, basic vocabulary.

Younger children like Arya will like the colorful pictures as well as the different textures of each item of clothing. Small portions of each image dedicated to Max’s and Ruby’s clothes are made of a shiny, raised material that adds an interesting texture to each page. The areas are small so little kids may need help to find the touchable surfaces.

Baby Max and Ruby’s Red Boots costs (including shipping) under $6 new and under $4 used from Amazon.