Baby Max and Ruby Sandbox by Rosemary Wells – Book Review

Baby Max and Ruby Sandbox by Rosemary WellsArya has already seen Baby Max and Ruby Red Boots by Rosemary Wells and Max’s First Word by Rosemary Wells.

Since she seemed to like those books, I thought she might enjoy another book by the same author.

Baby Max and Ruby Sandbox by Rosemary Wells is a short book with a touch-and-feel element that makes it well suited for babies around Arya’s age.

Sandbox is a short book even by the standards of baby board books. With only ten interior pages, the entire book took less than two minutes for me to read to my baby.

Its short length and quick pace actually make Sandbox even better for little children. Arya has a shorter attention span than when she was six-months old since now she gets bored faster. By finishing the book in a few minutes I was able to get through the whole book before she decided she wanted to move on to other toys.

Wells also incorporates a touch-and-feel design to Sandbox. One element on each page has a raised, rough texture. The touch-and-feel objects are always related to the sand in the sandbox. At the beginning of the book babies can touch the sand. By the end of the book (as the plot progresses) they can touch a blueberry pie.

The simple plot revolves around Baby Max and his friend Ruby playing in a sandbox. Not content to just dig in the sand, the two rabbits decide to use the sand from the sandbox as the base for their baking recipe. After mixing in some bubbles, berries, water, and birdseed, they proudly show off their new concoction on the last page.

Baby Max and Ruby Sandbox is aimed at babies and young toddlers. Older children may find the plot amusing, but will likely look to other books after a few readings. The touch-and-feel design makes the book even more interesting to curious babies who are learning to explore their world.

Baby Max and Ruby Sandbox costs (including shipping) under $6 new and under $4 used from Amazon.