Baby Moving Her Hands

Baby Moving Her HandsMy baby is now moving her hands with more coordination this week. She now moves her hands whenever we prop her up on her favorite pillow.

Although we have seen baby moving her hands from immediately after birth, her earlier movements were wild and uncoordinated. Now that she is a few weeks old there appears to be purpose in her hand gestures.

Some of the good baby books we read prepared us for our daughter moving her hands. But the extent and duration of her movements are still surprising.

Arya now waves her hands back-and-forth whenever she is propped up. Whether she is held up by boppy pillow or adult arms, if Arya has her hands free she loves to move them around as if she is conducting an orchestra. When she is placed flat on her back she rarely moves her hands other than to adjust to a new baby sleeping position.

It is perfectly normal for babies to move their hands. Researchers have found that such hand movements may be a primitive form of communication. Since our baby has yet to babble, we consider her hand movements her early version of speaking.

As baby’s can move their hands long before they can speak, ambitious parents can also use early movement as an indication to begin baby sign language. It’s not likely that our baby will be able to sign for many months, but for now we enjoy moving our hands in front of her in response to her hand gestures.

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