Baby Picture at Massachusetts State House

Baby Picture at Massachusetts State HouseOver the weekend Arya took a cute baby picture at the Massachusetts State House.

Since she was already dressed up for a baby picture with Santa, we decided to take more holiday pictures around Boston.

Taking a photo in front of the Massachusetts State House was an afterthought as we walked through the Boston Public Garden.

The Public Garden has a number of good locations for a picture with a baby. But as we walked by the Frog Pond, we noticed the golden dome of the State House contrasting with the clear, blue sky.

The steps leading from the Public Garden to the sidewalk across from the building provided a good opportunity to let Arya stand up. Although baby has liked to stand up on her own for a month now, we haven’t been able to take many pictures of her full body while she is standing. Since she is shorter than any adult behind the camera, it’s difficult to find a way to take a photo of her whole body without pointing the lens toward the ground.

By having Arya stand on the stairs, we were able to get a picture of her standing up while balancing on Mommy. In addition, the iconic Massachusetts State House makes for a unique background for our photo. We also like taking pictures of Arya in different locations so that she will be able to see the different places she has visited when she gets older.

With her cute baby Christmas outfit and standing next to Mommy, baby was happy enough to give a little smile for the camera.

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