Baby Picture With Santa

Baby Picture With SantaArya took another baby picture with Santa this week.

Since baby’s first picture with Santa wasn’t too scary for her, we decided to take advantage of a cute Christmas display with Santa Claus at the Downtown Crossing Holiday Market.

Although Downtown Crossing itself was quite crowded, the holiday area and tented market were only sparsely populated with a few dozen visitors.

The Downtown Crossing Santa was seated on a golden throne surrounded by Christmas decorations. In addition to several staff members nearby, a quartet was singing Christmas carols just off to the side of the Santa display. The singers and festive decorations provided a good environment for the adults, but Arya and the other babies nearby seemed a bit disturbed by all the commotion.

The production was stationed next to Macy’s across from the special tent erected to hold the Downtown Crossing Holiday Market. The idea for the tent was poorly conceived since few patrons took the time to open the doors and walk through the tent in the middle of the sidewalk. Not surprisingly there were more vendors than shoppers inside the tent when we were there.

However, because both Santa and the carolers were out in the open, they were surrounded by dozens of people when we walked closer to arrange for a picture. Unlike many other Santas at Boston-area malls, the Downtown Crossing Santa let us take completely free pictures with our camera without trying to sell extra photo services, ask for donations, or otherwise pitch products. The only evidence of corporate sponsorship was a “sponsored by Macy’s” logo at the top of red background behind Santa (cut off in the picture above).

Santa was friendly and seemed to welcome the chance to take pictures with Arya since he had been sitting around with little to do for several minutes prior. He was also not-at-all-creepy (unlike some other Santas I have seen) so we were less hesitant about sitting Arya on his lap. Although she didn’t look happy, Arya tolerated the experience long enough to take a few good pictures with Santa.

As with many of her photo sessions, it was difficult to get Arya to look at the camera. Mommy jumping up and down and calling out to her helped. Having random strangers helping us by waving and smiling probably made a difference as well. It took several dozen shots to get one where baby was actually looking at the camera. Since getting her to smile while sitting on some strange man’s lap was out of the question, we were more than happy with the one good picture we were able to get.

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