Baby Pimples on Cheeks

Baby Pimples on Cheeks - Small PimplesMy 11-week old baby has small white pimples on her cheeks.

She has only two pimples. Both are on her left cheek and are spaced widely apart.

Arya’s baby pimples on her cheeks look like whiteheads in adult acne. They are raised and bumpy with a sharp point.

My daughter did not have her cheek pimples as late as last week despite the fact that baby pimples on cheeks are most common a few weeks after birth.

My wife and I are pretty sure that Arya has baby acne rather than milia. Milia normally affects newborn infants and our daughter has more apparent white bumps.

The American Academy of Pediatrics states that baby acne usually develops within the first month of birth and clear up within a few more months. Oddly for us, our baby’s cheek pimples did not develop until she was 10-weeks old.

Baby Pimples on Cheeks - Clear Skindry forehead, but she did not have any pimples on her cheeks until last week. We aren’t necessarily concerned, but baby acne may indicate a rare problem with hormones if it gets worse.

Our pediatrician and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend simple washing with water and mild baby soap. Although there may be other issues causing her baby pimples on cheeks, we think her cheeks will clear up on their own.

Some parents have had success with skin products, but we would prefer to stick with the least invasive option and just use water and light baby soap for the next few weeks.

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