My Baby Sleeps on the Sofa

My Baby Sleeps on the SofaWhile my 10-week old still loves sleeping her stroller when we go outside, she has now taken to sleeping on the couch whenever she naps at home.

It’s fine that my baby sleeps on the sofa when she wants to take a nap. Unfortunately she never wants to sleep in her crib.

I specifically arranged two sofa beds to provide my baby with a safe spot to sleep. The armrest from one sofa is pressed up against the open edge of the second sofa. So my baby is protected on three sides and cannot fall off the sofa bed.

To defend against the threat of SIDS we use a special baby pillow. The pillow is a large square shape with extra soft cushion. My daughter’s body weight collapses the cushioned portion of the pillow while the other parts of the pillow remain relatively firm.

The pillow keeps her in place and prevents her from rolling over onto her tummy or getting stuck sideways in a crevice in the couch. The baby pillow still allows her to move her arms and legs and turn her head from side-to-side.

I complete our little baby sleeping station with Arya’s favorite white noise giraffe. With the giraffe secured in the corner of the sofas and its speakers turned towards her, my daughter can barely hear the otherwise loud sounds of the city just outside our window.

The sofa is still a suboptimal place for our baby to sleep by herself so we only let her sleep there when she is taking a nap and an adult is awake. For longer, overnight sleeping with no adult present we don’t want her to sleep on the sofa even with our precautions.

Although my baby is still not old enough to turn over, she can shift her body weight and occasionally thrashes her arms and legs hard enough to move her entire body. While the probability of her turning herself over and suffocating by getting stuck in a crevice is relatively low, the uncertainty makes it difficult for my wife and I to sleep knowing that our daughter is on the sofa by herself.