Baby Standing Up By Herself For the First Time

Baby Standing Up By Herself For the First TimeJust a week ago I was wondering when my baby would stand unassisted.

This week Mommy and I got to see baby standing by herself for the first time.

Arya stood up by herself for the first time at home and we were lucky enough to get it on video.

Baby likes to practice standing up on soft, flexible surfaces like sofas, beds, and recliners. We think it’s because the bouncy surface enables her to test her limits and fall down without consequences.

So we were especially surprised when Arya indicated that she wanted to try standing up by herself on her alphabet mat. Even though the mat is cushioned, it isn’t nearly as soft as other surfaces when baby falls down.

She has tried daily for the past few weeks, but always on a padded surface. With Mommy right next to her for support, Arya decided to try standing up by herself on the floor. Luckily we were able to get the brief experience on video.

Since there is a wide range of the normal timeline for a baby to stand unassisted we weren’t in any hurry to get our daughter to stand by herself. It would have been particularly hard to rush her into standing by herself because she needed to acquire a host of physical skills to keep herself upright.

To her own delight, Arya was able to let go of Mommy’s hand and stand up by herself for eight seconds before she fell forward. As the video below shows, she probably would have been able to hold herself upright for much longer had she not gotten so excited and starting clapping. I thought it was especially cute that Arya was so happy with her own accomplishment that she clapped for herself.

After she stood up for the first time by herself at home, baby started practicing standing up unassisted for brief moments during the day. She always starts by keeping one hand on a stabilizing object. Once she is comfortable with her balance, she slowly releases the hand and lifts both her arms in the air.

I’m not sure if raising her arms serves any beneficial purpose. If anything, the motion of moving her arms makes her more likely to topple over. But, in what must an innate behavior, Arya raises her arms high in the air when she is happy and then starts clapping. Over the past few days she has fallen down soon after starting to clap.

Now that Arya can stand up on her own it’s only a matter of time until baby starts walking. We’re trying to finish babyproofing everything in the house in anticipation of having her run all over the place looking for trouble.

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