My Baby Stares at the Ceiling

My Baby Stares at the CeilingMy 10-week old daughter has an unusual hobby. She loves to stare at the ceiling.

My baby stares at the ceiling several times each night. She especially likes the ceiling just before going to bed.

Since Arya makes eye contact, can track objects, and has a social smile. She also likes looking at pretty flowers, bright colors, and close-up patterns. Those behaviors are normal so we doubt she has any vision problems. It’s just odd that she keeps looking up at the ceiling.

Having baby stare at the ceiling is creepy in the middle of the night. Arya will whip her head up in the air and stare directly over my shoulder. With only a night-light on in the living room I’m often scared enough to stop and look at the ceiling myself. I have yet to see anything other the same wood ceiling.

It would make more sense for my daughter to stare upwards if we had a pretty, striped design, a unique visual pattern on the walls, or drama on the ceiling.

Our ceiling is made of brown wood. We have four white walls.

My wife suspects that baby is staring at the ceiling because we have a dark wood ceiling with four unpainted walls. Our daughter likes contrasting patterns and the interior roof corners have strange shadows at night.

The multitude of beams, slats, and pipes near our apartment ceiling also provide visual contrast for my baby. None of them look particularly interesting during the day or with the living room lights on. However at night with just the soft glow of the night light they throw off shading on both the walls and ceiling.

Arya could also have some form of baby insomnia. If adults can stare at the ceiling for two hours trying to fall asleep then perhaps my baby is doing something similar.

My Baby Stares at the Ceiling - Apartment Ceiling