Baby Taking Apart Alphabet Mat

Baby Taking Apart Alphabet MatArya recently found a new way to entertain herself. Unfortunately it also involves making a mess.

Baby likes to take apart her alphabet mat. Worse, she also likes to use the pieces as a soft weapon to move other objects.

A few weeks ago she preferred to pick out the end pieces to use as teething toys. Now she goes after the large, square pieces so that she can wave them wildly around.

The alphabet mat is comprised of individual squares with interlocking grids that allow them to be mixed and matched to form a larger area. Within each individual piece is a letter or number inlaid within the square. Freestanding edge pieces come with the set to create a uniform edge on the outside of the play area.

Baby learned to pull up the edge pieces a few weeks ago. Now she has discovered that she can also use the same technique to pull up the letters and numbers or to take apart the mat itself. Since all pieces are made of a soft foam that is nearly impossible to rip, they are safe for her to play with. The texture is too soft to make for a good teething toy so she quickly discovered the mat is not fun to chew on.

Although the mat squares being safe for her, Arya has learned how to pull up individual pieces and wield them like a clumsy weapon. She likes to use the mat pieces to knock down objects sitting on tables or chairs. The mat pieces are light and cushioned so they are harmless with most objects around our (almost) baby-proof room.

But some objects–particularly clothes and baby bottles–are susceptible to being knocked around by the large alphabet mat squares. Arya thinks it is especially fun to use the mat square to make her milk bottles roll around the floor.

For now it’s harmless to let baby experiment with the alphabet mat and learn how items interact. Unfortunately, it’s also a pain for Daddy to put the mat back together and reorganize the play area every day.

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