Baby Taking Off Her Sock

Baby Taking Off Her SockDuring my time with baby at Pilgrim Memorial State Park, Arya found a new way to entertain herself while riding in the stroller.

She discovered how to take off her sock while buckled into the stroller.

Watching baby taking off her sock was initially amusing, but became irritating after she proceeded to remove her sock three more times before I gave up trying to put her sock back on.

Arya has been able to touch her toes while sitting down for a while now, but she never tried to take off her socks until this week. Most of her baby socks are designed for appearance rather than function so it’s common to have socks falling off her feet when she is cruising around on carpet or soft ground. When she drags her feet while walking her socks get caught on the floor and eventually get removed because of friction.

Some time in the past week Arya discovered that she could also remove her sock by grabbing it while playing with her toes. I have seen baby playing with her toes while sitting in the stroller before. But this week was the first time she was able to combine playing with her toes with the pincer grasp and upward motion required to pull her socks off.

We were outdoors in 30 degree weather when I noticed baby taking off her sock for the first time. I thought it was amusing and I’m proud of her when she learns new things so I took the time to capture a video of her playing with her sock.

Within a minute she started to whine and I figured out that her little toes were getting cold from being exposed to open air in 30 degrees. After I put her sock back on Arya was perfectly happy and stopped complaining. I gave her too much credit and assumed she would associate the feeling of cold toes with the concept of having removed her sock.

A few minutes later we passed an older lady jogging slowly in the opposite direction. When she told me sweetly, “You need to get her some socks. Her poor feet are cold!”, I realized that Arya had taken off her sock again and had tossed it under jacket. I’m not the only parent to be slightly annoyed at the sock police, but the old lady was right about baby’s feet being cold and I replaced Arya’s sock and tucked it far under her pants for more security.

When she started whining again within 10 minutes I deduced that she turned taking off her sock into a game. Unfortunately for her, while she liked the challenge and novelty of taking off her sock, she did not enjoy exposing her feet to the cold wind. I gave up trying to replace her sock and just tucked her feet into an extra change of clothes.

Strangely, Arya only removed the sock from her right foot and never tried to take the sock off of her left foot. Part of the reason may have been because of her positioning, but I also believe it may be a clue that she may be both right-handed and right-foot dominant.

One factor with baby taking off her sock is that it’s hard to find baby socks that fit properly. Although lots of baby socks are cute, few have a snug fit that keeps them on in spite of grabby little hands. Arya also seems to like the idea that she can control whether her sock stays on or comes off. Too bad for her that she is not yet able to put her sock back on when she gets cold.

Baby being able to take off her own sock seems like a meaningless event. But watching my baby take off her sock is just one more way I can see her developing and another reminder of how babies grow up too fast.

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