Baby Touching Her Toes

Baby Touching Her ToesArya met another developmental milestone this week.

When Mommy woke up in the morning she walked out to find baby doing mini crunches in her crib and playing her toes.

With baby touching her toes to entertain herself for half an hour we were able to get through breakfast undisturbed.

Touching toes is a standard baby milestone that normally occurs between four-to-seven months. Unfortunately, since Arya is a bit chunky, she can’t fully grab her toes. She can’t come close to putting them in her mouth like some babies.

Arya can do mini baby sit-ups to crunch her abdomen enough to reach her toes. But she can’t yet get both hands on both feet. She currently enjoys alternating between grabbing the toes on her left foot with her left hand and grabbing the toes on her right foot with her right hand. My wife thinks it’s a matter of our daughter becoming more flexible before she can grab both feet at the same time. I think it may have more to do with her tummy and thighs than flexibility.

The best part about baby being able to touch her own toes is that she now has one more way to entertain herself. She needs to be on a flat, solid surface like her crib or an incline like her whale tub to gain the leverage necessary to crunch. Arya tried to grab her toes while she was propped on her Boppy Pillow and ended up getting stuck face forward in a baby tripod position.

She still can’t roll over in either direction so hopefully having baby touch he toes is one more step towards that major developmental milestone. If nothing else at least Arya has one more way to occupy herself while Daddy makes dinner.

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