Baby Vaccination Schedule

Baby Vaccination Schedule - Sleeping BabyThe U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention releases a comprehensive vaccination schedule from birth to age 18. Since the comprehensive schedule is four pages long and written in small font, the CDC also provides specialized schedules for specific age groups.

The baby vaccination schedule ranges from birth to age 6 and includes all recommended vaccinations for persons in the United States. A copy of the baby vaccination schedule from the CDC is reproduced below.

The CDC also releases more complex vaccination schedules for infants who missed vaccinations. These “catch-up” vaccination schedules are more complicated due to the individual reasons why babies missed recommended vaccinations including being born in a foreign country, poor health care, or family dysfunction.

While the standard baby vaccination schedule is straightforward for newborns who receive all medical care in the United states, vaccination schedules for other babies are far more complex. Parents need to construct an individualized vaccination schedule for other babies. In addition, premature newborns or infants with other health conditions may need to use a different vaccination schedule depending on advice for your child’s pediatrician.

The standard CDC baby vaccination schedule is reproduced below [click on the image for a larger version]:

Baby Vaccination Schedule

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