Baby Watching Live Basketball

Baby Watching Live BasketballYesterday we took Arya to a basketball game.

Baby liked watching live basketball.

She sat happily through the entire game alternating between watching the players on the court and the other fans cheering in the stands. She especially enjoyed the music playing over the loudspeakers during breaks in the game and lots of open space throughout the bleachers for her to crawl around.

The game was held at the Emmanuel College gymnasium as part of the Shooting Touch holiday shootout. The tournament is held by the Shooting Touch organization as part of its non-profit, basketball-related activities.

Baby Watching Live Basketball 2Since our high school alma mater was one of the teams featured in the tournament, we attended as part of our school’s almuni association. Arya got to tag along for free.

We weren’t sure how baby would react to sitting in a gym for a few hours during a basketball game. While Arya does like watching people, she’s never been entertained by anything for more than a half hour.

The gym was mostly empty with only a hundred fans occupying the bleachers. That left lots of room for baby to crawl around. Unfortunately it also meant that any noise resonated throughout the building. Baby got to move around the bleachers at will, but everyone could hear when she cried.

Thankfully Arya only cried one time during the entire game. While everyone was distracted watching a fast break, baby dropped a toy basketball that she had been holding. She watched it roll down an aisle and tried to crawl off the seat to go get it. Although she fell off the seat onto the aisle, the six-inch fall wasn’t dangerous. It was scary for her and Arya proceeded to yell for several minutes while we comforted her.

Other than her little fall, watching a live basketball game was a lot of fun for baby. She became visible excited every time the crowd cheered and did a little dance during the musical interludes during each break in play. Now that we know baby likes to watch live sports we can take her to more events in the future.

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