Baby, Where Are You by Mack – Book Review

Baby Where Are You by MackArya has consistently enjoyed looking at pictures of animals.

The front cover of Baby, Where Are You by Mack shows a real picture of a polar bear alongside cartoon drawings of other animals.

Pictures of animals and the book’s lift-the-flap feature made it an obvious choice to read to my baby.

Baby, Where Are You has a simple, yet captivating design. The left-side of each page shows a real-life picture of an adult animal. The right-side shows four flaps of varying colors with a different cartoon animal drawn on the cover of each flap. Under each flap is a small, real-life picture of a baby animal matching the cartoon animal on the cover.

Basic text under each flap identifies the animal. One of the flaps on the right-side of the page shows a baby version of the adult animal displayed on the left-side of the page. This find-the-matching-animal feature presents a fun game for toddlers as they identify the correct baby after looking at the name and picture of the adult on the left.

Seven different animals are highlighted throughout the book: polar bear, chimpanzee, giraffe, seal, camel, elephant, and lion. 21 other animals are appear on the flaps throughout the right-side pages.

With limited text, Baby, Where Are You is a book better used as a fun teaching tool rather than as traditional material for story time. Kids will be able to learn the names of 28 different animals from repeated readings of the book.

Baby, Where Are You is best suited for older toddlers and pre-school age children. School-age kids who enjoy animals will still like recalling the names of the different animals. Young babies will like the large pictures and the flaps even as they may get bored by the small pictures behind each flap on the right.

Baby, Where Are You costs (including shipping) under $10 new and under $8 used from Amazon.