Baby Winnie the Pooh Comfort Blanket

Baby Winnie the Pooh Comfort BlanketArya has finally found a toy she can use as a security blanket.

Her Baby Winnie the Pooh Comfort Blanket is the ideal combination of a familiar character and a soft blankie.

My daughter doesn’t use it all the time, but when she needs comforting or self-soothing she will consistently use her Winnie the Pooh blanket.

Lots of babies (and maybe, some adults) look for security blankets for self-soothing and comfort. We considered getting or even making a personalized security blanket for Arya, but since she really likes her Winnie the Pooh mobile, the blanket was a natural choice.

My daughter likes to wrap her hands around the soft part of the blanket and stick Winnie the Pooh’s head in her mouth. Pooh might not last very long since Arya chews on his head, but she can now use the blanket to calm herself down when she gets upset.

We don’t want to let her use Winnie the Pooh to go to sleep since the soft blanket poses a SIDS risk as an unsafe sleeping tool. The blanket is very useful when she is awake and particularly when Arya doesn’t want to eat any more, but is still agitated.

There are many variations of the Pooh security blanket included ones using Piglet or other Pooh characters. My baby likes Winnie the Pooh the best on the mobile so it made sense to stick with the main character for her security blanket.

Mommy now uses the Pooh blanket in conjunction with cute talk to get baby to smile and giggle. Arya is entertained by both her blanket and the attention.

The most popular version of the Baby Winnie the Pooh Comfort Blanket costs (including shipping) $10.99 from Amazon.

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